4 Images to Get You Excited About Church

Sam Allberry | April 7, 2016

For a number of years I played tennis every Sunday morning with a good friend of mine. Then I became a Christian, and started going to my local church. Some might say my Sunday routine didn’t change much—I just swapped one hobby for another.

On the surface, my church is a lot like my old tennis club: people meeting together because of a shared interest, trying to drum up more members, having meetings with minutes and secretaries, and getting caught up in the minutiae of it all to a degree that would baffle most outsiders. There’s also a lot of serving. 

But scratch under the surface and there’s more going on.

The word “church” is so familiar to many today that we don’t tend to stop and think about what we mean when we use it. A byproduct of this is that we can easily and unwittingly end up misusing the word without realizing it.

But here are four images we find in the Bible that help us understand what “church” actually is.

1. An Outpost


All God’s people from across the ages constitute his church, which is sometimes referred to as the “universal” church. Christians are spiritually seated with Christ at the right…

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