4 Questions Parents Should Ask of Extracurricular Activities

Cameron Cole | September 17, 2016

Imagine the confusion if you were a 17-year-old girl seeking to live for Christ. Your coach brings you into her office and says, “I’m sorry, Jenny, but you will have to sit out the first game for missing a morning of summer practice.” The coach knows and ignores the fact that the player missed practice because she was traveling to Latin America to work with impoverished and disabled children.

The coach doesn’t say this, but her actions effectively suggest, “I am penalizing you for choosing to serve impoverished and disabled children over attending every practice.”

Imagining such a scenario probably isn’t difficult if you’re the parent of a teenager who participates in sports, theater, or music. Countless Christian families face stressful dilemmas regarding how to prioritize their children’s time outside of school.

Scenarios and questions related to church and family are always complicated. Is it wrong to play on Sunday? Are we offering a poor Christian witness if we miss games and practices for religious events? Is the grandparent’s anniversary party more important than the playoff soccer game? Should we just accept consequences for missing games?  

Here are a few questions that may help parents navigate these difficult choices.

1. Does the

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