4 Suggestions for Post-Election Listening

Eric Redmond | December 3, 2016

Editors’ note: This year’s election season clearly revealed what many have long suspected: America is a deeply divided nation. What has caused this division? What is the way forward? How can evangelicals respond in a way that leads to healing and increased unity? The Gospel Coalition invited several writers and observers to explore those and related questions for an online symposium on the State of Evangelicalism.


In the recent presidential election the evangelical church in America was philosophically divided in our approach to voting. Evangelicals who voted for either of the two main party candidates felt they had good reasons for their votes (or anti-votes). Similarly, those who took the write-in, abstention, or third-party options felt equal convictions about their choices. Each side appealed to a different perspective on the hierarchy of moral righteousness.

During the election I publicly expressed concern over voting for either Trump or Clinton. I much more loudly vocalized my misgivings with Trump than with Clinton, though, especially as I watched…

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