4 Things That Happen When You Study Leviticus More Than 10 Years

Jay Sklar | October 17, 2014

What happens when you study Leviticus for more than 10 years? I know the types of answers many people would provide:

  • “You get to know your psychotherapist really well.”
  • “People stop inviting you to dinner parties.”

Or perhaps the most common:

  • “Is this a serious question? Who in the world would do this?”

I did. And it changed my life in ways far different from those just named. In my experience, at least four profound things happen when this book begins to seep into your soul.

1. You hunger for God’s holiness more frequently.

I once taught a semester-long seminary class on Leviticus. (Yes, people actually did sign up.) One of the last assignments of the class was to follow as many of the laws of Leviticus as possible for an entire week. This is of course something many Jews do regularly even today, but for Gentile seminary students—most of whom had never thought twice about having bacon with their eggs—this was a daunting task.

During that week, the students had to keep a journal of their experience and turn it in to me. There were understandable frustrations. One student noted, “Leviticus 19:19 says not to wear clothing woven of…

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