5 Book Pairings for New College Graduates

Bethany Jenkins | May 22, 2015

Now that new graduates are no longer studying for class, they can pick up books for fun. Here are some books that I’d recommend giving graduates to help them live coram Deo—before the face of God.

To Behold and Discern

Our world rarely compares religions to see which one makes the most sense. Instead, our Western world considers all religious to be basically the same, where the only rational system of belief is secularism. If graduates want to be “wise as serpents,” they need to deeply treasure Christ and also know what keeps others from seeing his beauty.

Ramsey writes a breathtakingly beautiful “creative non-fiction” narrative of the life of Jesus that leads even life-long followers of Jesus to encounter him in new ways. Smith’s concise guide to Charles Taylor’s complex and lengthy A Secular Age pairs perfectly with Ramsey because it identifies, and deconstructs, one of the greatest threats to modern people beholding Jesus—secularism.

To Dream and Obey

Having big dreams isn’t a bad thing. All of us have benefited from people who imagined a world that was different from the one in which…

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