5 Lessons My Parents Taught Me About Sexuality

Jaquelle Crowe | July 28, 2016

“Sexuality” is an electric buzzword in our culture, igniting opinions like wildfire. With clashing commentary from secular society, Christians in recent years have increasingly recognized the necessity of addressing the conversation in transparent and biblical ways. What was once taboo has become an issue preached from pulpits, discussed in media, and internalized in hearts.

Even more, the importance of this topic has been pressed on Christian parents. They’ve been urged to teach their children about sex, gender, attraction, and intimacy in a Christ-exalting space.

My parents are proof this can be done.

As an 18-year-old young woman, I believe my parents worked well at taking opportunities, inviting conversation, minimizing awkwardness, and prioritizing communication over my childhood and teen years to help me understand sexuality from a Christian worldview.

There were certain truths they impressed on me—some implicit and some explicit—that were crucial for catching a Christ-centered vision of sexuality. Five stand out most brightly when I reflect on the past 18 years.

1. Boys and girls are different.

This was a truth my parents taught from the time I was little: I’m a girl, and my brother is a boy. We’re different by design, and there’s unique and compelling beauty in that difference.

When you try to distort…

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