5 Principles for University Evangelism

Tim Keller and Michael Keller | June 22, 2017

In our current environment, with its distinct challenges and opportunities, how should we go about the task of university evangelism? Is there anything practical we can say?

Yes, in fact. Here are five principles for university evangelism today.

1. More than ever, students will be won to faith through personal, long-term friendships and dialogues.

We’re afraid readers will think this statement is too obvious and won’t stop to consider its practical implications. In one sense this has always been true. But we’ve made the case here that personal, relationship-embedded evangelism is more important than ever. British universities have so far escaped the multiplication of campus groups that is the norm in the United States, which means the Christian Union (CU) can be just that: a union of Christians from all sorts of churches who form a genuine mission community.

For the average secular student, meeting real Christians in halls of residence, teaching groups, or sports teams who become long-term friends is a game changer. Accompanying a Christian friend to a lunchtime dialogue put on by the CU—where a hot topic is skillfully and sympathetically addressed and questions can be asked over a simple, shared lunch—has become incredibly popular. It’s the quality…

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