5 Questions with an Emmy-Winning Illustrator

Bethany Jenkins | October 31, 2013

Norman Rockwell was horrified when a fellow illustrator suggested that their craft was a way to just make a living—"You do your job, you get your check, and nobody thinks it's art." He replied, "Oh no no no. How can you say that? No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all of his talent, all of his feelings into them." Illustrators are image-makers. Their craft employs the imagination to create the visual equivalent of a verbal idea. When illustrators pick up their markers and draw "good" pictures, they bear the image of God as Creator. I recently corresponded with Amanda Geisinger, an Emmy Award-winning illustrator and interactive designer, currently on staff at Nickelodeon in New York City. We talked about how illustrations were a part of her journey from atheism to Christianity and about how her faith intersects with her work.

You can find all of Amanda's assorted creative wanderings at AmandaGeisinger.com.

You can find all of her assorted creative wanderings  at amandageisinger.com.When did you first become interested in illustration and design?

I seem to have come pre-programmed with a super strong appetite for creating, which is odd, given that I was born blind. Fortunately, with time and a slew of surgeries, I gradually gained enough eyesight that…

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