5 Reasons for Musicians and Church Leaders to Love Carolling the Story

| November 28, 2014

The ever-approaching beat of Christmas is enough for many church musicians (and their staff, family, and pastors) to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and lacking in creative freshness. We have to work harder, produce better, innovate wider, and handle over-committed volunteers and their opinions. All the while we're stressed, budget-squeezed, and of course, must still deal with all the usual personal and family pressures while wondering how on earth we can find a "new angle" on the Christmas story.

As a local church musician and composer who's involved in an annual touring Christmas production, I offer several instructive principles for this highly anticipated time of year.

1. Remember that Christmas is a huge opportunity to sing the gospel.

There are more people in our churches over Christmas who are on the outside looking in than at any other time of the year—children, children's families, nominals, friends, neighbors, and the needy of every description.

Moreover we have inherited this privilege through the faithful witness of generations of faithful believers. This season may not always be such an open evangelistic opportunity.

My high school music teacher opened my eyes to the real beauty of Christmas carols. He claims he wants his funeral to be…

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