5 Reasons to Host a Q&A After Your Worship Service

Tim Keller | July 27, 2016

For many years I did a question-and-answer session after each worship service. At the end of the service, just before the benediction, I would say, “Anyone who would like to ask a question about something in the sermon, or in the service, or about our church or Christianity in general—you are invited to stay and ask me those questions. Immediately after the postlude, we will conduct a 40-minute Q&A session right here down in front of the podium.”

We had anywhere from 30 to 150 people stay afterward every week.

Three Kinds of Questions 


When I began the session, I would reiterate the subjects we wanted to address (sermon, service, church, Christianity). I said they didn’t have to stay on the topic(s) in that day’s sermon, but that I especially welcomed questions about what I had preached on. Then I took questions for the 40 minutes or so. There were generally three kinds of questions:

  1. Specific questions about the sermon and the subjects it raised.
  2. Skeptical questions posing objections to Christianity or asking for evidence for God or other Christian tenets.
  3. General questions about Christian beliefs and living. 

A majority of the people who stayed were those newer to the church. There…

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