5 Reasons to Keep Politicians Out of Your Pulpit

Mika Edmondson | January 26, 2016

Like a whirlwind, he and his entourage blow in 45 minutes late for service. After the pastor hands him the mic, he makes his political pitch—peppered with religious clichés and out-of-context verses. Of course, he’s far too modest to ask for your vote directly; he only asks for your prayers. And just as quickly as he arrived, he’s gone (there are still other churches to “hit up”), leaving a trail of brochures and campaign slogans in his wake.

As local and national campaign cycles ramp up, many churches will again consider whether to allow politicians in their Sunday morning pulpits. For some congregations, this question isn’t up for debate. They feel certain political figures promote the moral and social interests of the kingdom of God; therefore, they’re happy to have these “culture warriors” tell them exactly how to promote the kingdom through legislation.

Here are five common reasons churches choose to hear political candidates from the “sacred desk,” and why I believe each fails the sniff test.


Reason #1: The Social Activism Agenda

In order to promote and align themselves with certain social and political causes, some churches invite politicians to address them from their pulpits.

What’s wrong: It tends to wrongly identify politicians and their political ideas with the authority of God’s Word…

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