5 Ways Elders Can Shepherd Elders

Phil A. Newton | September 28, 2017

Pastors need pastoring.

While some may assume pastors know most everything, live exemplary lives, handle crises with ease, and hold in reservoir enormous amounts of spiritual strength, that assumption fizzles in the face of life’s realities. Pastors face the same struggles with discipline, obedience, humility, and myriad spiritual issues as their congregation.

So who will pastor the pastors? Who helps the pastors maintain steadiness in walking with Christ? Who sharpens them when dulled? Who cares for them when hurting?

Within a plurality of elders, where some pastors receive a salary from the church and others don’t, pastoral needs are pressing. Elders must shepherd the flock together, but they also must band together to shepherd one another.

Paul had this in mind when he told the Ephesian elders, “Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock” (Acts 20:28). “Yourselves” implies fellow elders. Watch out for your fellow elders just as you watch out for the flock. Just as you wouldn’t think of failing to care for the body, don’t think of failing to care for your fellow elders.

Yet we can easily presume on one another, can’t we? We can have expectations that as elders we all have our acts together…

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