5 Ways Mission Agencies Stretch the Truth

Darren Carlson | July 13, 2015

I read a lot of e-mails and newsletters from mission agencies, and I get to see how many of them use statistics to recruit staff, missionaries, and donors. Sadly, in my experience, many exaggerate the truth and undermine the good work God does in the world.

I’ll provide some examples, using five descriptive categories.  

1. Ecclesiologically Confused

In the last year I have read statements like these:

  • We are going to plant 10,000 churches in the next two years.
  • We have planted 1,000 in the last two months.
  • I have planted three churches in the last two weeks.

Who wouldn’t want to give to a ministry seeing these results? This type of reporting comes out of a popular church-planting movement. You can easily find out if you are talking to proponents of this movement by asking what they think constitutes a church. Last year I was in northern India asking about claims like the ones I shared. Two well-known Western missions agencies in the area were promoting these statistics. The Indian brother I spoke with laughed but then turned serious. He offered to take us to one of these supposed churches—it was made up of three Hindu women who got together to talk about Jesus…

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