5 Ways to Make the Most of Unemployment

Tom Nelson | March 3, 2016

Have you ever faced unexpected unemployment? If not, it’s likely you know someone who has. 

Being out of a job may be precipitated by broader economic circumstances or by a lack of productivity and workplace fit. We may find ourselves out of work because we resigned, were terminated, or received a pink slip due to company job reduction.

However unemployment strikes, it has an immediate impact on our emotional and financial wellbeing. Our work is often closely tied to our sense of self-worth, and when our work disappears we can feel a great deal of worthlessness. Fear can rob us of a good night’s sleep. We also can find ourselves in an energy-zapping black hole of bitterness and discouragement. We may even blame God for what has happened to us.

When we find ourselves unemployed, how do we make the most of it?

Five Steps Forward

While looking back and assessing what we can learn from our previous job experiences may be helpful, our primary energy should be focused on wisely navigating the road ahead. We can have confidence that a sovereign God is in control of our lives and circumstances and that he will guide and provide for us as…

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