6 Lessons of an Influence-Seeker

Joe Carter | October 28, 2013

There is one excellent reason, as Dorothy Sayers might say, why the veriest amateur may feel entitled to have an opinion about influence. For if we are not all professional influencers, we have all, at some time or another, been influenced.

I have certainly been more influenced than influential. But over the years I have also become something of a student of influence, seeking to learn what I can about how to become more effective at being effectual.

Although I can't claim to have acquired any expertise, I do think I've learned a few lessons worth sharing. Whether the lessons have any merit is for others to decide, though I believe they are most applicable to a narrow demographic of influence-seekers: Christians who have a message they want to communicate but limited opportunities to do so. Preachers, teachers, and journalists, therefore, aren't the intended audience (though they are welcome to keep reading). It is for the others, my fellow aspiring influencers, that I share the following six lessons.

Lesson #1: Know your "great objects."

When the British politician William Wilberforce sensed a call from God, he wrote in a journal entry that "God Almighty has set before me two great…

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