7 Benefits of Systematic Long-Term Scripture Memorization

Chris Brauns | December 16, 2015

Andy Naselli recently wrote two pieces that encourage and equip believers to memorize whole books of the Bible. At the same time that I noticed his articles, I celebrated 25 years of systematic long-term Scripture memorization (SLTSM). Together, those events encouraged me to reflect on how this practice has benefited me. (Details regarding the system I use are available here.)

My reflections on SLTSM can be summarized like this: its blessings grow exponentially over time. Certainly there’s value in memorizing a passage over a six-month window, yet I’ve found that the blessings of hiding God’s Word in my heart “snowball” across decades. 

Here are seven blessings I’ve discovered from systematic long-term Scripture memorization:

1. It allows you to follow the example of the ant.

The demands of life swamp my days. I might as well drain the Everglades as carve out an entire morning for memorizing Scripture. But on most days I have time to put a crumb on the tip of my tongue and carry it from one room to the next, like an ant (Prov. 30:24–25).

Crumbs add up. Memorize Scripture for 15 minutes each day, five days a week, for two decades, and you will have devoted 1,300 hours to SLTSM.

Learning from the ant has motivated me to be methodical while practicing…

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