7 Steps from Student to Missionary

Darren Carlson | December 17, 2016

You’ve come to Christ through a campus ministry. You’re excited about your faith. You’ve read Radical or Don’t Waste Your Life or Let the Nations Be Glad. After some discipleship, you feel a called to serve long-term in a culture not your own. What should you do next?

My primary aim in this article is to offer guidance to college students considering missions, and to those discipling them. Yet these things could be applied to anyone desiring to serve in cross-cultural ministry.

Here are seven steps to going from student to missionary. 

1. Practice Faithfulness

When I used to regularly disciple high school students, I’d tell them God’s will is crystal clear: They needed to honor their mom and dad. Student ministries often use phrases like “Do something big for Jesus” or “God has huge plans for you if you’ll follow him.” Truth is, you don’t have to do something “big” for Jesus; you just need to be faithful where you are.

Don’t worry about tomorrow without first worrying about today. You’re not going to magically know the Bible well enough to teach it. Spiritual disciplines don’t spring out of nowhere. Sexual temptation isn’t overcome in a second. So sit alone or with others to pray…

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