7 Ways to Fight Distraction in Prayer

Gavin Ortlund | February 1, 2016

I’ve been trying to pray more this year. But prayer doesn’t always come easily to me. I often sit down to pray with the best of intentions only to suddenly catch myself, a few moments later, daydreaming about yesterday’s conversation, tomorrow’s meeting, or next week’s vacation. 

Most of us will admit experiencing this, and the rest of us are liars!

Distraction can be a huge hindrance in our prayer life, but I’m also discovering it provides an opportunity for growth. Here are seven strategies for fighting and harnessing distraction to deepen and direct our prayers.

1. Pray with Scripture 

I remember hearing somewhere that Scripture teaches us how to pray as a mother teaches a child how to talk. God speaks to us through his Word, and then we speak back to him in response, much as a child listens to his parents and then responds. As the father of soon-to-be-3-year-old who’s talking more and more, and saying some truly hilarious things, this is an illustration that resonates with me! And I find it true in my prayer life.

The point of the metaphor is that just as none of us is born knowing how to talk, none of us knows how to pray on our own…

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