7 Ways Women Can Grow in Studying and Teaching Scripture without Seminary

Nancy Guthrie | October 26, 2015

Question received: I haven’t been to seminary or received any formal theological training. I’m grateful for all God has taught me over the years through the ministry of the Word on Sunday mornings and in Bible studies in my church, but I often feel inadequate to teach the Bible to others, even though I want to (and others have encouraged me to). What resources are there for theological training I’d be able to use as a non-seminarian—and one who cannot go to seminary at this stage in my life?

I once heard a theologian-friend describe someone as an “autodidact.” I had to ask him what it meant. “A self-taught person,” he told me. This is how I’d describe myself when it comes to how and what I’ve learned about the Bible and teaching the Bible. We can be autodidacts together!

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re completely on our own in terms of theological and biblical training; it just means we haven’t had a great deal of formal training in an educational institution. Instead, we’ve sought out ways to learn on our own. And there are so many great resources for us to grow in our understanding of Scripture and theological truth without attending seminary (though I hope…

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