8 Signs You Are a Discipleship Bully

Derek Brown | July 9, 2015

No one likes a bully. Most of us recoil when we encounter a person who preys on the weak and uses verbal and physical abuse to display his superiority. But bullies aren’t only found on grade school or high school playgrounds; they can be found in churches as well, particularly in discipleship relationships.

This kind of bullying, however, does not need to express itself in verbal or physical abuse. It can manifest itself in a subtle form of spiritual tyranny where the teacher, by virtue of his position and self-perceived knowledge, tends to overwhelm and micro-manage his disciple. Sadly, when these kinds of discipleship scenarios progress unchecked, both parties—the discipler and the one being discipled—will find their spiritual life stunted and their relationship with one another in serious jeopardy.

What about you? Are you a discipleship bully? Am I? How can we know if we have become or are on the path to becoming a discipleship bully? I will suggest eight signs.

1. You are easily annoyed by the person you are discipling.  

A sure sign that you are straddling the line between helpful teacher and overbearing micro-manager is that you’re constantly annoyed and frustrated by person you are discipling. If his slowness to grasp biblical truth, his predicable failures to follow through on his promises, and…

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