8 Things Your Daughter-in-Law Wants You to Know

Gaye Clark | May 2, 2017

The worst person I know . . . sent from down below . . . Satan should be her name.

Ernie K. Doe’s song “Mother-in-Law” soared to the top of the popular music charts in 1961. “This song will last to the end of the earth,” he predicted, “because someone is always going to get married.”

Mothers-in-law have been a source of marital strife and the brunt of men’s jokes for years, but the relationship between mothers and daughters-in-law can be even more fragile. We both need the gospel, and complicated relational dynamics should drive us to Jesus. 

When Paul directs older women to train younger ones, Paul is specific about what sort of person we older women ought to be: “reverent in behavior” (v. 3). We can’t maintain that stance while focused on ourselves.

Am I approaching my daughter-in-law with a sense of entitlement, pointing her to my personal preferences, or am I pointing her to Christ? Does my daughter-in-law really need my input on the baby’s feeding schedule? Probably not. But how about my prayers, my affirmation, and my listening ear? Always. 

I reached out to some younger women and asked them to share what they’d like their mothers-in-law to know. Here are eight insights from their collective voices:

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