8 Ways to Stay Hungry for Missions after a Short-Term Trip

Mike Pettengill | October 20, 2015

It’s been several weeks since your summer mission trip. You returned on a post-trip high. Your closeness to God, your focus on the Great Commission, and your dedication to sharing God’s mercy were at an elevated level.

How’s it going now?

Most short-term trips result in an elevated enthusiasm for missions, but day-to-day life returns and, before you know it, you’ve stopped thinking about the nations.

This is an all too common experience. One of the great benefits of short-term trips is the heightened focus on global evangelism that occurs in you, your peers, and your church. But it’s easy to let that slip away. It’s easy to miss the chance to make missions a fixture in your life and in the life of your church.

Transform Your Trip

Here are eight suggestions that could transform this past summer’s post-trip high into a life-altering, Christ-exalting experience:

1. Pray

Take the ministry you served this summer before the Lord daily. Keep praying for the full-time missionaries and nationals you met. Pray for the people who joined you from your church and ask God to create a greater passion for missions in them. Ask him to refresh and keep your heart focused on missions, and seek his will for your next step. (…

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