‘Serial,’ ‘The Wire,’ and The Darkness Inside Us All

| December 19, 2014

My wife wondered what was wrong with me. I had spent a full day walking around the house with earphones in, occasionally muttering incoherently about cell phone records, pinged towers, or someone named Nisha. A few days later she did the same. I called her in the middle of that day and she answered the phone, “Jay’s a liar, that’s for certain.”

We, like a few million others, were hooked on Serial, a podcast that over 12 episodes explores one story. It’s a spinoff from This American Life, the award-winning National Public Radio program produced by Ira Glass. Sarah Koenig, who formerly produced stories for TAL, has spent the last year investigating the story of Adnan Syed. In 1999 (at the age of 17), Adnan was tried and convicted for the murder of Hae Min Lee, his ex-girlfriend, who disappeared on a January afternoon and was found weeks later, strangled and buried in a shallow grave at a municipal park.

Over the last two hours I’ve listened to the finale of season one—twice—and I have a few thoughts about what the show has revealed about Adnan Syed’s case, justice in America, and the darkness in all of…

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