9 Key Trends in the UK Church

| January 22, 2015

Earlier this month I had the great privilege of attending a gathering of church and movement leaders hosted by Terry Virgo, founder of Newfrontiers. This is the fourth year I have attended, and we met for 24 hours to share and pray. It has been a blessing to get to know the leaders of many of the major Restorationist and new church movements, and I have appreciated their warm welcome. I have learned much, and it is always encouraging to hear how God is at work in the UK and around the world.

There were a number of common themes that stood out to me as the 20 leaders present shared how the Lord was at work in their different constituencies, which together provide a snapshot of the challenges and opportunities facing the evangelical church today.       

1. Growing Christmas Carol Services 

Virtually everyone spoke of the surprisingly large numbers of people attending Christmas carol services, often hundreds more than were expected, and they are seeing year-over-year growth. For all the talk of secularism there seems to be no barrier to non-Christians coming to church at Christmas. Carol services remain a key evangelistic opportunity and chance to…

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