A Call for a More Reflective Christianity

John Starke | August 24, 2015

I remember sitting with a young man in our church in a diner near my office. He was frustrated with me. For two months now, we’d been meeting about his anxiety. It wasn’t chronic or crippling, but it tended to put him on edge and came with occasional outbursts of anger his young wife and daughter had to deal with. Sitting in the same diner two months before, he had asked for help and we had agreed to start meeting. He wanted to change. He had punched a hole in his apartment wall and it scared his daughter and enraged his wife. He didn’t want to be like that. 

It had been two months, but he was still edgy and still couldn’t resist the urge to fly off the handle. He was irritated. The problem, he suspected, was in my counsel. That may be, I confessed, but nevertheless, change takes time. The more he insisted this wasn’t working, the more I realized what he wanted was a technique, not transformation.

Victims of a Calculating Existence 

In 1955, the famous philosopher Martin Heidegger gave an address on the importance of a “reflective mind.” He looked around at the state of his day and warned his listeners they were in jeopardy of losing something fundamental to our humanity: the…

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