A New Way to Look at Healthcare

Gregory Bledsoe | December 12, 2016

The world of modern healthcare has become a complex and, for many, a frustrating place. Administrators wrestle with rising costs, physicians and other providers wade through mountains of regulations, and patients struggle within a system that sees them as data points on a page instead of persons with deeply human problems. All of these issues, and many more, explain why so many individuals despair over the state of their healthcare.

Dr. Bob Cutillo is a family physician and seminary professor who offers unique insight into modern medicine. His book, Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age [read Andy Crouch’s foreword], not only tackles new subjects not found in other faith-centered health texts, but also gets to the theological root of much of our anxiety these days. It’s a profound read, and one I’d thoroughly recommend both to those in the healthcare industry and also to those interested in seeing healthcare through a new fresh lens.

Hope for Health

Cutillo begins his book with a look at the theological root of our current cultural anxiety. Our expectation for healthcare has become derailed since we’re asking something of healthcare it can’t offer—ultimate safety and security. 

We expect that if we choose the right hospital, find the right physician, follow the right…

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