A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Interpretations

| February 11, 2015

Joe Dudeck is a husband to Lindsay and a father to Quinn. He lives just outside Indianapolis, Indiana, and attends College Park Church. Joe owns and operates both a photography business called Joetography and a content marketing firm called Keyhole Marketing

How would you describe your everyday work?

As a freelance photographer, there is no predictable “everyday.” Some days I'm doing a photo session with a client. Other days I'm holed up, editing photos. But I'm always working, in the sense that I'm observing and being sensitive to what's around me. With the camera in my hand, I'm in a state of constant awareness.

What are you looking to capture in your photographs?

I take pictures of whatever is visually interesting and, of course, there's a natural beauty in creation that reflects God as Creator. But I also like finding beauty in unexpected things, too: a weathered door, a clothespin hanging from a line, a rusty doorknocker, a broken-down fence. It's intriguing to capture what isn't obviously beautiful in the immediate sense. I think that says something true about our lives—that God is just as present and real in our greatest moments of crushing grief, despair, and loneliness, as…

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