A Practical Guide for Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry

Brian Cosby | April 8, 2016

Against the backdrop of a youth ministry culture bent on entertainment and gimmicks, veteran youth workers Cameron Cole and Jon Nielson have compiled a thoughtful collection of essays. In Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide, 14 contributors provide a clear call to faithful and Christ-exalting youth ministry.

Both Cole and Nielson frequently contribute to The Gospel Coalition, which has adopted Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry in its imprint with Crossway. Collin Hansen, TGC’s editorial director and author of Blind Spots [review], writes in the foreword: 

When we’re so concerned with keeping the youth entertained or promoting a moral lifestyle, we can easily forget the message of first importance. . . . [This book] offers an excellent start for any youth worker eager to make much of Jesus and to see students filled with everlasting hope and joy. (15–16)

Gospel Foundation

In Part One, the authors expound on some of the foundations of ministry: the gospel, discipleship, expositional teaching, and community. As you’d likely guess, the opening chapter on the gospel outlines the overarching theme of the book—connecting the good news of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection to youth ministry. But what exactly is that connection? As Cole describes it:

Perhaps the most important thing a person ministering…

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