Advice to Young Pastors from Bryan Chapell, Miguel Núñez, and Darrell Bock

| January 8, 2015

This is the fifth installment in a new series in which we publish brief answers from experienced church leaders to this question:

In addition to Scripture and sound doctrine, what should young pastors today be studying? Is that any different from what you would’ve recommended 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago?

Bryan Chapell, senior pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church (Peoria, Illinois) 

After 30 years in a primarily academic environment, now pastoring biblically requires that I become more informed about: 1) The thought processes of a generation whose worldview is primarily informed by media impressions; 2) The differences in the ways North Americans over 50 and those under 40 understand the obligations of Christians in society as a consequence of the former being raised in a perceived Christian-majority culture and the latter in a Christian-minority culture [their appreciation for Scripture is the same, but their application is very different]; 3) Preparing to be a multi-ethnic church as a consequence of a rising generation rejecting any church that doesn’t have the gospel reflected in its body life, and as a consequence of the demographics that will soon make any mono-ethnic church anachronistic and irrelevant to modern society; 4) Helping…

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