Andrew Peterson at the Burning Edge of Dawn

Ivan Mesa | October 7, 2015

One would expect Andrew Peterson to be more at ease roaming the streets of Oxford and dining at The Eagle and Child pub with the Inklings of a half-century ago than in the contemporary music scene of his native Nashville. 

At his core, Peterson is a storyteller. He’s a singer and songwriter who views his music as a way to connect individual stories with God’s great story of redemption. Perhaps his most popular album, Behold the Lamb of God, attracts people each year at Christmas as Peterson and his band of friends tell “the true tall tale of the coming of Christ.” 

Most recently, Peterson has dabbled in children’s fantasy novels, last year finishing the much-anticipated final volume in his Wingfeather Saga. (Andy Naselli draws attention to the series’ compelling storyline, edifying themes, and entertaining style.)

Like the Inklings of yesteryear, Peterson understands the importance of coming together with kindred spirits (even if not in an English pub). Almost a decade ago he and some friends began The Rabbit Room for such people. “The Rabbit Room is a place for stories,” he then wrote. “For artists who believe in the power of old tales, tales as old as the earth itself, who find hope in them…

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