Ann Voskamp Invites Us onto the Broken Way

Winfree Brisley | January 20, 2017

In Christian circles, much has been made of brokenness, vulnerability, and authenticity in recent years. Some have expressed concern that these ideas have been overemphasized while holiness has taken a backseat. Brokenness in this context has tended to be of a faux variety. Much of it amounts to confession of socially acceptable sins and mommy bloggers making messiness cool.

Enter Ann Voskamp’s new book, The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life. The fundamental brokenness she addresses in this book is real, identity-shattering brokenness born out of tragedy, suffering, and sin: seeing her sister run over by a delivery truck, being abandoned by her parents, and cutting to rid her body of the pain. What Voskamp offers us, then, is a theology of brokenness that makes it more than a mere destination. The Broken Way helps us understand brokenness as a vehicle that can propel us toward Christ. 

Writing in her signature poetic style, Voskamp moves through a series of personal experiences to share what God has taught her through both mundane moments and monumental brokenness. Throughout these stories, she weaves together a theology of brokenness that meets us at a heart level.

Theology of Brokenness 

What’s refreshing about Voskamp’s theology of…

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