Answer These 14 Questions before You Preach

Peter Adam | June 9, 2017

When it comes to preaching, pastors typically struggle with the preparation more than the delivery. The earlier you start preparing, the better. In a recent workshop at The Gospel Coalition National Conference, Peter Adam shared 14 questions (below) to guide preachers to make the most of their sermon preparation. Listen to his talk, followed by Q&A, here.

1. Have I found what God wanted his people to know, believe, and do, when he originally caused these words to be written and passed on?

2. Have I found all that God has put in this passage: its genre and literary features; its shape, structure and content; its key words or phrases; its meaning, emotions, motivations, and purpose?

3. Have I understood the passage in the context of the book of the Bible in which it is found, and that book’s pastoral purpose?. Have I understood the passage in the light of the whole Bible, that is, in the context of biblical theology?

5. Have I made good use of commentaries, and used the wisdom of other Bible commentators or preachers, and so modelled good exegesis?

6. Have I reflected on and applied the passage and the sermon to myself, and…

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