Ask TGC: Why Does God Leave His People Such a Mess?

Matt Smethurst and Jeff Robinson | March 4, 2016

Editors’ note: We received the following question from a reader: 

How do I help my friend who says, “I understand you need to accept Jesus to be saved, but I’m struggling to do so because I lack proof that God can change someone, that God makes people better. Why does God leave his own people such a mess? Why doesn’t he just intervene and fix everything? And if there’s no proof God changes people, isn’t it just blind faith?”

There are several layers to this excellent question, but the fundamental objection is rooted in your friend’s observation of other people who claim to be Christians. The primary issue for every sinner, however, is not other sinners—how they live, how they behave, or what they profess to believe. 

The foundational issue for your friend—and for every human being—is the sin that holds captive his own heart, manifesting itself in myriad ways from pride and envy to discontentment and anxiety to bitterness and anger to lust and covetousness to arrogance and self-centeredness. The supreme question each of us must ask, then, is simple: Who will pay for my sins, and how can I be reconciled to a holy God? Our problem is the lack of righteousness in ourselves in light of the perfect righteousness of God—the only standard…

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