Bearing Christ in the Land of Banks, Watches, and Chocolate

| March 19, 2015

When I tell people from other countries that I am Swiss and planting a church in Basel, the conversation often changes to at least one of these topics: mountains, banks, watches, chocolate, or cheese. We all know these Swiss stereotypes. I have to admit that they apply to Basel, but not exactly in the way you might think.

Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland and the center of a metropolitan area with approximately 850,000 inhabitants. The city’s altitude is 820 feet above sea level and surrounded by hills. There are no mountains in Basel, but we come across a lot of solid rock in people’s hearts. Many people are hard like stone towards the gospel. Less than 3 percent of the population go to church, almost half of the people living in Basel claim to be atheists, and most people don’t care about church or belief. We live amid a secular, post-Christian society. Our new church plant, FokusBasel, is located in the heart of Kleinbasel (Little Basel) and is part of the Redeemer City to City initiative. 

Money, Status, and Watches 

Swiss banks are famous for providing a safe haven for wealth from all over the world. Basel is highly international as well, with residents…

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