Becoming Good Wait-ers

Carey Bustard | January 6, 2016

Katy Bowser Hutson is a singer, songwriter, writer, wife, and mother. After spending her childhood as an “Army brat,” Katy has been rooted in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a founding member of Indelible Grace, a co-creator of Coal Train Railroad, and a member of Rain for Roots. She loves to read, walk, bake, sit by fires, talk with a small group of friends for hours, be with her family, or hide by herself for a while.

How would you describe your work?

In this season of life, I’m juggling between being a stay-at-home and a musician. My main music project, Rain for Roots, integrates these two callings. It’s a collaboration with fellow moms and songwriters Sandra McCracken and Flo Paris Oakes that creates songs with biblical truths and good music for kids. For example, our recent advent album, Waiting Songs, includes music to help children and families celebrate the waiting-in-between place. It helps children see that it’s okay to hope and wait and long; after all, Christians are always advent people, hoping and waiting and longing for the kingdom to come in its fullness. And we’ve grounded these songs in Scripture—from Genesis to Isaiah to Luke…

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