Befriend Those with Disabilities and Special Needs

Scott Sauls | October 25, 2016

According to The American Journal of Medical Genetics, 99 percent of those living with Down syndrome say they’re happy; 97 percent say they like who they are; and 99 percent agree with the statement, “I love my family.”

According to one writer, these statistics identify those living with Down syndrome as “the happiest people in the world.”

Greatest Beneficiaries 

One of my greatest privileges is being pastor to a church with many children and adults who have special needs. Due in large part to the incredible leadership of a woman named Gigi Sanders, our church has chosen to invest resources and special attention into this community. I firmly believe the greatest beneficiaries of this relationship aren’t the people among us who have special needs, but those of us who get to be in their company.Lightstock

I think of Katie who has Down syndrome. She has the biggest smile and gives the longest and strongest hugs. I think of how she lights up when I tell her she’s beautiful and how she sweetly reminds me I need to tell her she’s beautiful on those rare occasions when I forget. I think of how she hands me pictures that she has drawn—pictures that represent her profoundly simple, yet simply…

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