Bible Literacy for All: A Conversation With Jen Wilkin

Trillia Newbell | November 22, 2016

Bible literacy is a popular topic in women’s ministry today. And there really couldn’t be a better topic. Women are hungry for the Word, but they can also be unsure of how to approach it. Many feel intimidated.

The good news is you don’t have to be a Bible teacher or have a seminary degree to know and enjoy God’s Word deeply.

I corresponded with Jen Wilkin, author of Women of the Word (Crossway, 2014) and None Like Him (Crossway, 2016), about why the subject of Bible literacy is so relevant, what tools she uses, and more.

How did the topic of Bible literacy become so important to you?

My childhood was marked by time spent in seven different denominations—a range of experience that left me with the conviction that knowing the Word was the only sure means of discerning truth from error. As I entered college, I began to notice that women were rarely asked to actually study Scripture. We were given devotional materials and topical studies, but we were rarely asked to think hard about how our beliefs were informed by the Bible. Most of us formed our beliefs based on what someone said about the Bible, rather than taking…

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