Books in Brief (Summer 2015)

Ivan Mesa | July 9, 2015


On average, we publish around 150 book reviews a year at The Gospel Coalition. Ecclesiastes 12:12 rings true: “Of making many books there is no end.” And many a publisher said Amen.

It’s impossible to read every book, let alone review each one. But in addition to our steady line of reviews, we want to highlight other books—some old, but most new—you should know. 

Kevin DeYoung, The Biggest Story (Crossway, 2015). I read everything DeYoung writes. He’s always clear, witty, convictional, and simple in his writing—even when branching out to write an illustrated children’s book. DeYoung delivered this first as a Christmas sermon for his church. He writes, “I wanted to tell the familiar advent story in a way that was fresh and faithful to the biblical text. I tried to deliver the message like I was reading a book—a book for children sitting by the fire on Christmas morning” (118). With creative and colorful ilustrations by Don Clark, the book beautifully presents the storyline of Scripture—the “Biggest Story” of them all. Consider it a crash course on biblical theology for young hearts. Many parents and kids will treasure The Biggest Story as they time and again read of our “snake-crushing King” and “destined-to-die Deliverer.”…

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