Can I Really Trust the Bible?

| March 16, 2015

Barry Cooper. Can I Really Trust the Bible? And Other Questions About Scripture, Truth, and How God Speaks. Surrey, UK: The Good Book Company, 2014. 72 pp. $7.99.

There are a lot of great books on the trustworthiness of the Bible. Some tend to be on the academic side, demonstrating the historical reliability of the Scriptures, the formation of the canon, and so on. Others are more devotional in nature, designed to edify and encourage believers as they seek to deepen their confidence in this all-important book.

Such approaches are good and helpful, but many Christians likely want something more direct and to the point. This is what Barry Cooper offers in Can I Really Trust the Bible? And Other Questions About Scripture, Truth, and How God Speaks, the latest installment in The Good Book Company’s Questions Christians Ask series. Over the course of five chapters, Cooper, director of product development at Christianity Explored, offers compelling answers to three questions:

  1. Does the Bible claim to be God’s Word?
  2. Does the Bible seem to be God’s Word?
  3. Does the Bible prove to be God’s Word?

Inescapable Circularity

These questions are essential to any serious study of the nature of Scripture. If the Bible does not claim to be, seem…

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