Can Tax Law Have a Caring and Creative Side?

Bethany Jenkins | April 22, 2015

Bob Oesch lives in St. Louis, Missouri, where he serves as managing partner of the law firm of Reizman Berger, P.C. He has practiced in the field of estate planning since 1989, and chairs the trusts and estates practice at his firm. He and his wife attend The Journey, where TGC Council Member Darrin Patrick is lead pastor.

How would you describe your work? What do you do every day?

My law practice falls into two primary categories—planning and administration. On the planning side, I help clients own and pass assets to their beneficiaries in wise ways while trying to avoid four different types of taxes. On the administration side, I guide fiduciaries in carrying out their complicated jobs of administering a trust or estate. I strive to be a family advisor and counselor at law, providing both tax advice and wisdom in dealing with families.

As an image-bearer of God, how does your work reflect some aspect of God’s work?

My work reflects God’s work in three main ways. First, in the planning stage, I get to be intellectually creative and innovative. The tax law is complex, with a lot of rules and regulations, but I seek creative ways for…

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