Changing Our Mind

| January 9, 2015

David Gushee. Changing Our Mind. Canton, MI: David Crumm Media, LLC, 2014. 158 pp. $16.95.

At the end of the eighth movement of Plutarch’s essay “How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend,” the ancient wordsmith reflects, “I do not need a friend who changes when I change and nods ‘yes’ when I nod ‘yes’ (my shadow does these things better!); but I want a friend who joins me in the search for truth and, like me, decides for himself” (Plutarch, Adulator 8, translation mine). For me, interactive dialogue with a friend has taken on poignant meaning, for this fall my friend and former colleague Dr. David P. Gushee released a series of blog posts explaining his shift of perspective on Christian sexual ethics and suggesting that monogamous, “covenanted” LGBT relationships should be sanctioned by the church. Hoping the church universal will follow him in this change, the Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University has now published a book titled Changing Our Mind.

As a member of the broader evangelical Baptist community, it would be all too easy to either remain quiet or simply dismiss David. But I cannot treat him so impersonally and condescendingly…

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