Cheering Costly Obedience

Lindsey Carlson | July 7, 2015

I recently encouraged two friends to pursue ministries in dangerous places. One hopes to bring Jesus to strippers and the other to imprisoned drug addicts. They both seemed surprised when I wholeheartedly supported their efforts. Despite their young faith, they’ve counted the cost of following Jesus and found it worthy. As a result, they’re willing to take the same cup of living water from which they drank back to those they left behind. 

Those of us with easier pasts may not feel as compelled to push back the darkness in such costly ways. We’re happy to serve by putting money into offering plates, bringing a few canned goods to the food drive, or mentioning Jesus if he comes up in conversation. But I wonder if it’s too much of this “safe” service that causes it to be infrequent, passionless, done more out of a sense of obligation than of gospel gratitude. While God certainly uses “safe” endeavors for his eternal purposes, we should desire to carry the cup of living water to those who need it at any cost—and with consistency, passion, and joy.

Learning from a Risk-Taker 

We could all learn from the apostle Paul. He lived and breathed evangelism, discipleship, and self-sacrifice. Paul didn’t walk blindly…

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