Christ’s Marriage, My Marriage

Justin Dillehay | November 18, 2016

Can anything be said about the Bible’s teaching on marriage that hasn’t already been said a million times? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean the same old things can’t still be said well. And saying things well is something Ray Ortlund has a knack for. 

Ortlund’s new book, Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel [20 quotes], is the second installment in Crossway’s new Short Studies in Biblical Theology series, edited by Dane Ortlund and Miles Van Pelt. The series aims to be a layperson’s version of the New Studies in Biblical Theology series, to which Ortlund contributed a volume on the biblical theme of spiritual adultery.

At a little more than 100 pages this book clearly lives up the goal of being a “short study,” but how exactly does it go about being biblical theology? Let’s look at a couple of ways.

From Genesis to Revelation: A Canonical Survey

For those unfamiliar with the jargon, the kind of “biblical theology” Ortlund is going for is not biblical as opposed to unbiblical (though I’m sure he aimed for that, too). Rather, this “biblical theology” is more about method than content—it’s a way of doing theology. Biblical theology generally takes a theme from Scripture and traces…

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