Christmas Songs Are Freedom Songs

Stephen Miller | December 17, 2016

It seems every department store starts pushing Christmas earlier every year. Radio stations start spinning their favorite holiday songs the moment Starbucks hangs its first holiday drink ad. It doesn’t matter that everyone south of the Mason-Dixon line is still wearing shorts—there’s money to be made from giving people the fuzzy feelings of Christmas in August.

So it’s not surprising that by the time December rolls around, the church is less than enthusiastic about singing Christmas carols. As a worship leader, I watch countless eyes glaze over the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

But this is hardly a time to check out. Advent offers an incredible opportunity to meditate on the person, work, wonder, and hope of Christ.

Person of Christ

As children, we’re immersed in the world of Christmas. It’s often so alloyed with visions of Santa and sleigh bells, presents and parties, jolliness and jingles, that it can be difficult to fight against the familiarity. We can turn the miracle of Christmas into a nostalgic ritual. But when we gather as a church to sing, we’re singing the gospel and renewing our minds with the story of Emmanuel. In these carols, we see some of the most beautiful, poetic descriptions of the character of Christ. Take these words from…

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