Churches Partnering Together

Matthew Spandler-Davison | October 27, 2014

Chris Bruno and Matt Dirks. Churches Partnering Together: Biblical Strategies for Fellowship, Evangelism, and Compassion. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014. 176 pp. $15.99.

I am a twin. Growing up as a twin meant that just about everything I owned my brother also claimed. My parents insisted on uniformity. We had the same pairs of shoes, the same kind of bicycle, and for the most part the same friends. We literally held everything in common. So I guess partnership has always felt normal to me. 

Therefore, my immediate thought when reading Churches Partnering Together: Biblical Strategies for Fellowship, Evangelism, and Compassion was, What is the big deal? The idea of churches partnering together seems obvious. But who am I kidding? I know just as well as any other pastor that this is a big deal. In fact, the very conversation about churches partnering together can cause churches to drift apart. There is a deep-seated (albeit veiled) bias within the psyche of many congregations that distrusts the one down the street. We view them as inferior or less “pure” or “healthy” than our own church. Sure, partnership sounds great, so long as those we associate with look like us and do things the…

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