Conjugal Union

| February 2, 2015

Patrick Lee and Robert P. George. Conjugal Union: What Marriage Is and Why It Matters. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. 150 pp. $20.69.

Our society has struggled the past few years to come to a meaningful consensus on the nature and limits of marriage. While the Supreme Court’s decisions this coming June on four new cases will clarify the legal status of the institution, the only thing everyone agrees on is that the public dispute will carry on.

Traditional Christians aren’t going away anytime soon, and even if the question of how the state should regulate marriage (if at all) ceases to be a live one for our political debates, it will remain a test case for Christians aiming to understand how the church and world should intersect.

Building on What Is Marriage?

Few academics have attained Robert George's prominence for his work defending a broadly traditional account of marriage and its goods. What Is Marriage? [review], which the Princeton philosopher and commentator co-authored with Sherif Girgis and Ryan Anderson, has been perhaps the single most widely read conservative critique of same-sex marriage. In Conjugal Union: What Marriage Is and Why It Matters, George returns…

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