Nancy Guthrie | July 24, 2015

My dear sister in Christ:

I’ve been thinking a lot about you this week as the world—the Christian world in particular—explodes with outrage over the cavalier conversation of Planned Parenthood medical staffers regarding the crushing of baby bodies in the womb. I’m thinking about you because of the abortion you had before you truly took hold of Christ in a saving way, or perhaps even after. And I’m imagining every video that you see played on the news and posted on Facebook forces you to do battle, once again, with shame and regret.

I’m imagining there must be a day on the calendar that comes around every year to remind you of that day you walked into that clinic and then walked out, leaving a piece of yourself behind. It must be a day when you want to hide from the world and be sad, a day when the smells and sounds and sights come back to haunt you, a day when the enemy of your soul tempts you to believe the blood of Christ is insufficient to cover this sin. And I want you to know that I’m sad with you over the loss of all that the enemy stole from you…

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