Cubs Win! A (Small) Foretaste of Glory Divine

Mark Mellinger | November 3, 2016

So this is what it looks like when the Chicago Cubs finally win the World Series, when baseball’s most notorious losers complete the transformation into indelible winners: Grown men, exhausted, tearful, and lost for words after surviving a crazy Game 7 that was, as one of the commentators put it, a battle of attrition. Every pitch from the middle innings on seemed like slow torture. Exemplary Christ-follower Ben Zobrist delivered the go-ahead hit in extra innings and was named series MVP.

Contrary to what’s expected of them, the lovable losers endured to the end.

Dream Come True—Finally

As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’ve dreamed of this moment for 40 years. I’ve envisioned countless scenarios in which Ryne Sandberg or Andre Dawson or Mark Grace or Kerry Wood (or countless Cubs stars of various eras) played the hero and finally ended our futility. Fans in the generations preceding mine harbored the same dreams with the likes of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo playing the starring roles.

Photo by Brent Payne

Now, as I watch Zobrist and Rizzo and Bryant and the rest of this amazing bunch hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy, it’s surreal. This club persevered and overcame all the moments of adversity under which the Cubs…

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