Dear Timothy: Embrace Your Weakness

Jeff Robinson | April 7, 2015

Several years ago, Founders Ministries published Dear Timothy, an excellent multi-author work. The book was written as a series of letters from the veteran pastor, Paul, to the young upstart pastor, Timothy. In the spirit of that publication, I offer the following letter as part of an occasional series. I have written two previous letters on contentment and faithfulness.

Dear Timothy,

I hope this letter finds you prospering in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, my brother. Please forgive me for being so slow in writing to you again, but there have been many roadblocks, many imprisonments, shipwrecks, narrow escapes, and other sufferings in the service of Christ that have hindered communication.

I write this third letter to expose some subtle notions that have sprung up of late in churches virtually everywhere the name of Christ is proclaimed. Essentially, some teachers buffet the church with a doctrine that asserts the more gifted, the more educated, the more media savvy, the more skilled at communication, the more important people you know, the more books you publish, the more conference speaking engagements dot your calendar, the more power you wield on behalf of God as a leader of the church. Now, Timothy, it is certainly…

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