Don’t Let the Termites of Discouragement Eat Away at Your Soul

Tom Nelson | January 21, 2016

For many years I worked in a fast-food restaurant. I spent long hours waiting on difficult and demanding customers, dealing with conflict, managing employees, evaluating financial statements, and cleaning clogged toilets. Being young in my faith, I didn’t understand the importance of my work in contributing to my own spiritual growth. All too often I viewed my work as an obstacle to my spiritual growth. During those times when it was a real pain, I thought, You know, if it wasn’t for my work and the difficult people I work with, I could be a better Christian.

I now realize how wrong my thinking was. The people I worked with and the work I did were God’s providential pathway to nurture my spiritual growth, not to impede it.

Many times our work seems less than ideal. Who of us cannot relate to country singer Johnny Paycheck’s heartfelt words of exasperation, “Take this job and shove it”? We can be treated unfairly at work. We can face prejudice, abuse of power, harassment, and injustice. Merely because of our Christian faith we can be sidestepped for promotions or even lose our jobs. Clearly some of our greatest disappointments, struggles, and suffering in life occur in…

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